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As GENSA KİMYA SANAYİ VE TİCARET AŞ, we have been operating in the Welding Sector over 40 years, founded in our Gebze factory, later we moved to our new factory that was built on the area of 16.000 m² in BANDIRMA Organised Industrial Zone in order to start our new productions and increase our business volume.

There are 4 active companies in Turkey and abroad within GENSA Chemical Corporation. GENSA, the parent company of the group, has always been a Pioneer in its field.

We have been the sole producer of Ferro Alloy Powders in Turkey, The Middle East and Balkans and one of major producers globally for Welding Electrode Manufacturers over 40 years . We are also the only company in the World that produces both Fluxes (Ready Mixed Powders) for Welding Electrode Manufacturers together with Ferro Alloy Powders.

We are also the first producer of Double-Glazing chemicals, Sealants known as Thiokol, Butyl, Hotmelt and Butyl-based materials in strip form of various thickness and width called BUTYL TAPE, in Turkey and Central Asia.

GENSA exports its products to 87 companies in 32 different countries globally from America to Japan and it has been amongst the 5 highest exporting firms in its field in the list of STAR EXPORTERS of Istanbul Minerals and Metals Exporters’ Association and ranked 2nd, 3th and 4th in exportation awards.

As a company which has held DIN EN ISO 9001 certificate for 20 years its production is exclusively R&D-based and this is how it has created its own know-how and technologies.

In its new factory in Bandırma Organised Industrial Zone stabilised Ferro Alloy Powders and Double Glazing Chemicals (Butyl, Hotmelt, Butyl-Based BUTYL TAPE in various thickness and width) are produced beyond European standarts and quality thanks to our new improved formulas. 

We are proud of introducing this products to our country and the World.

We are also proud of contributing to our country by producing these High-Tech Products in Turkey and carrying on our service delicately to Welding Electrode and Double-Glazing Producers all over the World.

As GENSA KİMYA SANAYİ VE TİCARET AŞ, we have been pursuing our production for 40 years in our factories incessantly with the policy of the highest quality standarts.